Weather in Alberta

Alberta is Canada's Sunniest Province!

As Canada is a northern country, many visitors are confused about the weather.  Since Alberta is the sunniest province in Canada, be sure to bring sunglasses and sunscreen lotion.  When rain or snow comes, it fluctuates in how long it lasts and travel is rarely interrupted.

Check out the current and forecasted weather for Alberta by going to: The Weather Network. For any weather related advisories please visit

Below are the ranges of average monthly temperatures for major centres in Alberta.  Also included are notes and suggestions for dressing for the weather.

March - (-9ºC to -2ºC)  Moderating - winter apparel with some medium weight wear.  Best spring skiing.  Winterized cars with snow tires recommended.

April - (2ºC to 5ºC)  Milder - Cool evenings.  Medium weight apparel and topcoat.  Snow disappears except in higher mountain areas.  Ideal spring skiing.

May - (8ºC to 11ºC)  Warm days/cool evenings.  Medium weight apparel at the beginning of the month and summer apparel towards the end of the month.  Outdoor spring and summer activities begin.

June/July/August - (12ºC to 30ºC)  Warm/hot.  Summer clothing and medium apparel for evenings, especially mountain regions.  Ideal for travel and summer activities.

September - (9ºC to 13ºC)  Warm days/cool evenings.  Light to medium weight clothing, sweaters for evenings.  Travel is ideal and a great time for photography as the foliage changes to Autumn colours toward the end of the month.

October - (3ºC to 8ºC)  Cool.  Medium to heavy weight apparel.  First signs of snow.  Vehicles should be winterized and snow tires are required for mountain roads and recommended for travel throughout the province.

November - (-8º to -1ºC)  Cool and frosty.  Snow begins to accumulate, ski hills open and winter activities begin.

December to February - (-22ºC to -6ºC)  Winter temperatures.  Expect snowfall throughout the province.  Excellent time to enjoy many winter sports - superb skiing.  Can be very sunny - overcoat, hat, boots, gloves, sunscreen strongly recommended.  Winterized cars with snow tires are required.