Weather in Alberta

Alberta is Canada's Sunniest Province!

We're the sunniest province in Canada - bring your sunglasses and sunscreen! 

Check out the current and forecasted weather for Alberta by going to The Weather Network. For any weather-related advisories please visit

Average weather per month:

March:  (-9ºC to -2ºC)  Bring winter apparel with some medium weight wear. Best spring skiing. Winterized cars with snow tires recommended.

April: (2ºC to 5ºC)  Milder - Cool evenings.  Bring medium weight apparel and topcoat. Snow disappears except in higher mountain areas. Ideal spring skiing.

May: (8ºC to 11ºC)  Warm days/cool evenings. Bring medium weight apparel at the beginning of the month and summer apparel towards the end of the month. Outdoor spring and summer activities begin.

June/July/August: (12ºC to 30ºC) Warm/hot. Bring summer clothing and medium apparel for evenings, especially mountain regions. Ideal for travel and summer activities.

September: (9ºC to 13ºC)  Warm days/cool evenings. Bring light to medium weight clothing, sweaters for evenings.  Travel is ideal and a great time for photography as the foliage changes to Autumn colours toward the end of the month.

October:  (3ºC to 8ºC)  Cool. Bring medium to heavy weight apparel. Vehicles should be winterized and snow tires are required for mountain roads and recommended for travel throughout the province.

November: (-8º to -1ºC)  Cool and frosty. Snow begins to accumulate, ski hills open and winter activities begin.

December to February: (-30ºC to -6ºC)  Winter temperatures. Expect snowfall throughout the province.  Excellent time to enjoy many winter sports - superb skiing. Can be very sunny - overcoat, hat, boots, gloves, sunscreen strongly recommended. Winterized cars with snow tires are required.

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